Team Development

Day Sail on Pioneer (up to 12 people) May-November
The Pioneer Sailing Trust team work closely with group leaders to develop a day that meets the needs of the group.
Sail Pioneer for a day on the inspiring river Colne, and your team will learn a range of skills that will enable you to sail a traditional vessel. Your team will be involved in everything from rigging, trimming sails, boat manoeuvres. The unique design of Pioneer means there is a job for everyone and plenty to get involved in, perfect for a team building and gaining confidence in a challenging environment.
Whilst on board, emphasis will be placed on having fun and learning new things along with encouragement to take on the responsibility of steering and being in charge of changing sails at the right times.
The experienced and relaxed crew on Pioneer give a friendly and supportive environment, which enables people to feel comfortable and encouraged to try something new.
There will also be a picnic lunch and a chance to explore the sea life with some dredging and the chance for other learning opportunities depending on what leaders would like to achieve from the day.

Residential sailing adventure trips (up to 12 people) 3-5 days broaden your horizons
For those wishing for a more challenging experience, a residential trip on Pioneer perfect!! Your team will learn what is required to navigate and explore new territory on the east coast in the only remaining Skillinger Smack in the world! Being on the water allows you to explore the Essex coast from a unique viewpoint and access places you could not by foot or car.
Working alongside the group leaders, a plan and brief of each day will be explained by the Skipper and Pioneer will the set out on the journey, arriving at a new destination every night. Some places visited will be very remote and peaceful, with the chance to play games on the beach, have a BBQ, or even go for a swim. Other destinations will have a bit more to see and do, such as the Pier at Harwich or the West Mersea Island.
There might also be the opportunity to go seal watching out in the dinghy at dusk – have some water fights with other boats, a crabbing competition, beach scavenging, or rowing competitions.
Even if it rains, there is plenty to do on board to keep everyone entertained, such as quizzes, funny games, card games; there will always be something to do – some people even like to bake cakes.

Focus is placed of team development so everyone on board is involved with the daily running of Pioneer, making meals, washing up, scrubbing the decks, it’s all part of the experience!!
The three professional crew will make sure you have a great time away from the land and help the group and individuals achieve the aims and objectives set out at the start of the week, such as overcoming fears, building confidence, making friends, taking responsibility and learning new skills.

As well as having as much fun as possible, the crew will make sure it happens in a safe environment. Pioneer has an exceptional safety track record and upholds a high level of safety culture.