Pioneer Sailing Trust Voyage Booking Forms

Please download, print and complete the Booking Form, carefully read the Terms & Conditions, and when you are satisfied please return to:
The Pioneer Sailing
Harkers yard, Shipyard Estate
Brightlingsea, Essex C07 OAR.

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Voyage Booking

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Trems & Conditions

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While the Pioneer Sailing Trust takes all possible steps to
ensure the safety of all participants in our voyages the
Applicant should understand that sailing can be a
hazardous activity.

If you (the Applicant) are suffering from a known medical
condition or allergy which might suddenly incapacitate you, or
you might be pregnant, or you have recently been discharged
from hospital, it might be highly dangerous to go to sea – if in
doubt consult your doctor.
If you are being treated with prescribed drugs for any of the
above or other ailments, a doctor’s note will be necessary. It
should state, in plain language, the condition and drugs used.
(See Conditions of booking ‘C’). Your doctor should also
advise you of alternative medication in case seasickness renders
your regular medication ineffective.
You must ensure that you are carrying the correct drugs and
dosage for the voyage, and that your doctor has advised the
appropriate brand of anti-seasickness remedy to take. If you
wear spectacles or contact lenses you are advised to bring a
spare pair of spectacles for the voyage.
Personal Property
The Applicant is responsible for his/her property while on
board Pioneer. Any property left on board when the voyage is
completed will not be the Trust’s responsibility.
The Trust’s insurance covers all aspects of its activities should
circumstances arise in which the Trust is found legally liable.
The Pioneer Sailing Trust is not liable for customers’ personal
effects, money, medical or other expenses during the voyage.
A copy of our insurance certificate can be obtained from our
Travel Cancellations
Cancellation should be notified by telephone and must be
confirmed in writing as soon as reasonably possible.
The vessel will be under the command of a Skipper holding as
minimum a commercially endorsed RYA/DTp Yachtmaster
Offshore Certificate.
The Pioneer is certified to the Marine and Coastguard Agency’s
Code of Practice for Sail Training Vessels.
Conditions of Booking
a) Failure to disclose relevant information may forfeit
your berth, even at short notice.
b) Applicants must be free of any known contact with
infectious disease during the six weeks prior to the
booked voyage.
c) Applicants under treatment requiring prescribed drugs
MUST present the Trust’s office with a Doctor’s Note
stating, in plain language the condition and the drugs
d) The Pioneer Sailing Trust can accept no responsibility
for any consequences of you failing to take medication
as recommended by your doctor.
e) If you are unable to swim at least 50metres, please
ensure that the Pioneer Sailing Trust is informed when
f) Applicants are under the authority of the Skipper at all
times during the voyage and are to carry out the duties
assigned to them, and comply with his/her instructions
at all times.
g) Cancellation by the Trust. The Pioneer Sailing Trust
will refund the voyage fee paid or accept it towards the
cost of another voyage during the same sailing season at
the request of the Applicant. The Trust shall not be
liable to re-pay any other sum. Fees will not be held
over from one season the next.
h) Applicants are responsible for their own transport costs
to the port of departure and return home after the
i) Cancellation by the Applicant. Booking fees will not be
refunded if the applicant cancels for whatever reason.
j) The consumption and storage of alcohol on board are
prohibited unless expressly authorised by the skipper.
k) Conduct considered by the Skipper to be disruptive or
unsafe, shall entitle the Skipper to put ashore the
Applicant in a port with adequate transport facilities, in
all respects at the expense of the Applicant and/or
parent guardian, (including the cost of any person
escorting the Applicant if so decided), and without
liability on the Trust to make any refund.
l) If the Applicant chooses to leave the vessel for any
reason before the end of the voyage Pioneer Sailing
Trust will not be liable to pay any refund of voyage fees
or travel expenses incurred in returning home. If the
Pioneer Sailing Trust incurs cost in escorting a minor
home these costs will be passed on the parent/guardian.
m) The Pioneer Sailing Trust reserves the right to modify,
curtail, or cancel the voyage in the event of adverse sea
conditions, mechanical problems or other
circumstances beyond its control with out recompense.
Pioneer Sailing Trust reserves the right to decline
any application without ascribing a reason for its

The Pioneer Sailing Trust
Harkers Yard, Shipyard Estate
Essex CO7 OAR
Tel 01206 303373

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